Heritage Forested Pork

Raised in forest and open pastures . No added hormones, no antibiotics. GMO-Free.

Smoked Pork Ham Hock

$7.50/lb. Avg. 1.4 lb.

Pork Picnic Roast

$7.50/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

Pork Loin Roast

$12.00/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

Pork Fresh Ham

$8.00/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

Pork Belly

$7.50/lb. Avg. 10 lb.

Half Pig

deposit (remainder due at delivery @ $5.00 per lb. includes processing, smoked bacon etc and bratwursts are extra)

Boston Butt

$8.50/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.

Apple Smoked Ham

$10.50/lb. Avg. 5 lb.