Highland Orchard Farm is located South of Charlottesville, just 1.5 miles off of HWY 29.  On a historic peach and apple orchard, the farmers here today are reviving the soil through rotational grazing of the same species this land has supported in the past cattle, sheep and pigs.   While producing grassfed beef, grassfed lamb and pastured pork, we are also putting down new roots with grassfed goat, pastured duck, pastured chicken, and pastured turkey.  As well as various climate tolerant fruits, in the planning & planting stages.   Our vision is for a diversified farm that plays an ongoing role in the nourishment of our local North Garden/ Covesville area and the CVille area community, as well as, an avenue for folks of all ages to connect with the land and its abounding beauty.

Highland Orchard Farm

the land that sustains us